UoP Collections and Learning Paths

Using a collection or learning path is a great way to group relevant content for students or staff based around a particular topic or competency. A collection can contain, courses, videos, custom content and does not have to be viewed sequentially. A learning path is perfect if you want to develop relevant skills by taking the learner through step by step.

While it is possible to set up personal collections and learning paths, they can also be created centrally making them available to University of Portsmouth students and staff for direct recommendation and searching. Central collections and paths will also let you incorporate internal videos, files and links so you can mix LinkedIn content with your own custom instruction and guidance.

Colleagues have set up learning paths and collections for digital capabilities, research and placement students, IT Training online sessions among a few areas. If this is something you'd like to do, contact us to set you up ittraining@port.ac.uk

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